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Meeting at Paltinis

Meeting at Paltinis

At the advice of Father Iustin Marchis, a group of intellectuals close to our monastery accepted the invitation of the Metropolitan of Transylvania, His Eminence Father Lawrence Streza and of archdeacon Ioan I. Ica jr., to renewing the dialogue between the Church and the intellectual laity, between cult and culture, within the Pastoral missionary Centre Saint Hierarch Andrei Saguna in Paltinis.

Alongside with His Holiness Laurentiu, priests professors, diocesan advisers, archpriests, representatives of religious media and personalities from different fields of written or visual culture were present at the event: the writer Andrei Plesu, the architect Constantin-Aurelian Triscu, the literary critic Dan C. Mihailescu, the historian Petre Guran, the restorer painter Dan Mohanu, the writer Costion Nicolescu, the musicologist Costin Moisil, the painter Horia Pastina, accompanied by Father Justin Marchis, priest confessor of our Monastery, Mother superior Stavrophore Mihaela Luchian and mother Atanasia Vaetisi, curator of our monastery.

Held on 27 and 28 November 2013, the event had as main purpose to identify future themes and ways to research them. The participants talked about publishing the Books of Paltinis, organizing a Bible study group, workshops on heritage conservation and restoration.