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The Collection

The collection of art objects of Stavropoleos Monastery contains icons, ecclesiastical objects, decorative art pieces and fragments of frescoes recovered from churches demolished by communist regime. Here there are royal icons, festal icons, hearth icon or processional icons, on wood or on glass, received or acquired in time, but also objects that belonged to the monastery before the secularization of monastic assets: the censer offered by Ioanichie of Stavropoleos in 1734, the votive candle from 1788, the Gospel book with an inscription dating from 1735, the icon with Jesus – tree of life offered by Ioanichie in 1731.

The collection contains also a fragment of iconostasis from a wooden church found in South Transylvania, a royal stall with the Mavrocordat family coat of arms, a brancovan candlestick, a pictured beadroll [memorial tablet] of Berzuntzi Monastery from Moldavia. By the way they are displayed, all those objects restore the atmosphere of an ecclesiastical space. All art objects and books – printed or manuscripts – included in the Stavropoleos collection are mentioned in the catalogue of the collection published in 2006 (the catalogue is available in the church).